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Have you played animal running and Simulation games where you play as a wild horse going crazy and as a police men Catching astray dogs and wild dogs. your duty is to catch and Ideliver horse and dogs in a big transporter truck. Heavy vehicles driver, drive heavy trailer trucks to excavate through and transport the cargo to Their destination in time. Farm animals especially the racing horses and dogs are your cargo in this game, now excavate the cargo and drive carefully the Loaded truck on the road to transport the wild horse and astray dogs to the destination. In this Simulation game you train your horses for horse racing and stunt then Ideliver them on the heavy trailer truck to the arena for the race. It's a simulator game to have fun with riding horses and truck driving as well.

Those who love playing horse games or 3D simulator games will love to play as one of the wild horses. Are you a 3D simulator lover? Do you like running games? Explore the city, unleash your Fury and show the city how wild a horse can come. Get an action with wild horse simulator and experience the Thrill of being a horse. Get an action with wild horse simulator and experience the Thrill of being a horse. You are assigned for a Transportation duty. Load your cargo truck with the world's best derby horse you 've just bought and transport it to the race tracks for the Hottest race ever.

Get ready for a wild ride. Transporting these animals to pets Shelter, safely is going to be so much fun. This heavy trailer truck driving transport simulator animal control symbol. Take up this animal transport challenge and show your drivers skills. Forget your fears. This is not a faint hearted person's job. A handling livestock Cattle cow, goat, sheep and other zoo animals and pets is much Easier than controlling the untamed wild dogs and entrained horses. Drive & Ideliver these astray and wild dogs in a heavy truck and unload them in the Shelter where they belong. Be Careful, these dogs and horses are entrained, they can jump off the vehicle, attack people, Harm them or can create complete destruction in the city. Feel the Thrill and adventure of the Danger involved.

★★★ Crazy Horse Animal Transport 3D features ★★★

• Drive with extreme safety

• Awesome truck driving challenge missions

• Attractive 3D environment

• realistic animations

. Best horse simulator game among all horse games

 . 3D Horse Simulation with the Wild Horse

• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting

• Transporting astray dogs, wild dogs and crazy horses

• Thrill of Transportation Driving on city roads and Steep Paths

Remember these are zoo animals and are not trained so Bublé. Drive big trailer truck cargo transporter used for delivery. Be the delivery driver, load the Wild Beasts, drive through the streets, Avoid off-road places, steep hill and unload them near Their Cages. It's a tough job. As a Police Ensure Their safe and sound delivery to the city zoo or any Safe Shelter. You 've got a proper parking area to park your heavy-duty transporter truck for off loading. Catch them and transport them to the zoo. This game is better than other dog simulator games and dog games.

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Good App Guaranteed!

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